Monday, May 2, 2011

I Survived April

Tuscaloosa Tornado
It is May the second and there is snow on the ground with more forecast for today. Current temperature here in the Sangre de Cristos is 19 F. But then I don't have to worry about super cells like the one that spawned the tornadoes throughout the south this month. My storm has been Mercury in Retrograde. Since Mercury is my ruling planet I am a firm believer in the evil retrograde can do. It began on March 30th and went direct on April 23rd.

April has been a horrid month. My van is still in the shop because my mechanic pulled his back. I am very grateful for the loan of an aging Corolla by my long time friend and neighbor. Without it I would have been wheeless since April 7th. April is not a good month to have to come up with an "extra" $1200 right after having come up with an "extra" $500 in March for the tooth extraction. Meanwhile the price of gas has been spiraling up and up. Years ago I gave up credit cards. And the contractor from hell forced me into giving up retirement savings. And the economy has forced me into despair I will ever have a prudent reserve any time soon. I have revived my youthful ability to play musical bills.

This morning I got current with all of April bills and have the money to bailout the van when the call comes but the next nine days will require being very thrifty as I found an insurance bill for my business that must be paid. If a tornado hits my house and studio or a forest fire levels the place I want my insurance to pay off. Rebuild? Might just take the money and run. Thoughts of the forest fire possibilities, however, make me very grateful for the snow in May. We didn't get enough in January.

I did survive April, however. And Mercury in Retrograde. And I have hopes for a great May and June. I have just one request of President Obama: Since you got Bin Laden can you now knock off the CEO's of Exxon and the other major gasoline suppliers?

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  1. Hope things improve, Jacqui!
    Hang on in there...


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