Monday, August 1, 2011

Do I get do overs?

Door of Cimarron Jail
I stepped on this scale this morning and realized I had gained four pounds in the last week. How that happened I am not quite sure as I certainly did not enjoy myself that much. Nothing noteworthy stands out in my menu. But then I admit to not paying much attention.

This last week seemed mostly about taking photographs and then sitting on the computer downloading and reviewing them. And there were some noteworthy photos.

Inside Jail Cell

Where Antelope Play
And it is not like I have been totally inactive. Having camera, will travel does take some traveling. I drove to Raton and of course stopped in Cimarron. And then I walked with the fur kids and camera.

Barbed Wire
And did deep squats to get up close and personal with flowers and twigs.

Thistle blossom
And sometimes just wondered restlessly about the studio trying out various settings on my D90 to capture the flowers and plants drafted into posing as subjects.

Crown of Thorns buds
And I poked my head outside to record the birds just outside my studio door. Though capturing those moments took sitting very still for long periods.

Humming bird at feeder

Cliff Swallow feeding young

Thunderstorm building
And when the rain chased me inside I went to the computer to download. Oh, and there was a dog I am pet sitting that needs walked three times a day. I am guessing I just stuffed my face without thinking. Dieting must take concentration I am unable to give it currently. I am trying to find five awesome photographs to enter into the International show August 15th and I am convinced I have not taken them yet. Are all artists so insecure?


  1. First if all, that could be fluid retention and of course it all depends on what time of day you weighed in. Given your schedule I'd be very surprised if you had in actual fact put on half a pound never mind four!

    These photos are simply stunning. I know you won't be satisfied with any of them but they are impressive each one in its own unique way. I love the colours of the Cimarron jail, the capture of the humming bird - I love them all but its the Crown of Thomas buds that I keep going back to purely because of its delicacy.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful and considered comment. I like the name Crown of Thomas. Here they call them Crown of Thorns. So much less poetic it would seem.

    I think the two you singled out are definitely in the running as it were.


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