Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Facebook Report Card

I don't do apps on Facebook so why I got sucked in with this one when I was tagged by a friend I haven't a clue. But once I had it posted on my page it immediately sucked me in. And it has not been a happy experience.

Report cards were a major thing when I was a kid. We had to excel. And let me say for the record that this card would have been a major event at our house. C's and D's were never tolerated. Regardless of the fact that in the end I have a B average.

Let me explain they have the friend number wrong. I have more friends (well, a few more) than that. But my grade school report cards often had a special note from the teacher that I did not play well with others. Not that I was mean or anything. I just found my classmates on the whole boring. I would rather sit in a corner of the playground and draw or write. Doing that in class because I found the teacher boring often also earned me the classic line, "Does not use time wisely." Since I am now an artist and have been a freelance writer I want all those comments resended.

The D in videos is definitely because of "Does not pay attention in class" and the "Does not play well with others." I was never one of those that chased fads or popular music or could name the artist and song or the movie and the actor. It is definitely hard to look something up on YouTube if you don't know those things. Oh, not that I don't use YouTube exhaustively but I look up things like how to stretch canvas or do a half double crochet stitch or fix the car. Maybe I will start posting those to my Facebook page to improve my video score.

As to the friend score: If you are reading this and on Facebook but not currently a friend go to my profile and invite me. I am a rather quiet (see remark about corner of playground) and low maintenance. I also have a fanpage which my father would say was under performing because I do not push like some of my friends. I would have flunked salesmanship and never been able to be an evangelist.

But what I choose to do I am good at.

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