Monday, September 5, 2011

September already???

If this is September can scenes like the one be far behind?

Typing this from my laptop, Traveler. No, I am not traveling except in my mind. And once again my desktop is awaiting shipment back to the mothership of HP. I had cleaned my laptop of excess photos when Charley V failed and Charley VII was on order. That was end of November 2010. One thing would lead to another and I would not have my new desktop until almost the last day of that year. So when it failed yesterday I was well within my warranty time.

Tech support always creates chaos in my not that orderly desk area. Which led last night to found things and lost things - including my temper. But in the cool light f predawn I find myself wondering where the last year has gone, how many photos it is possible to put on a hard drive in less than nine months, and maybe it is time while the desktop is gone to rearrange the office area like I thought last December. And is there a way to organize my  computer desk so when the tech guy says remove all the cables from the back it is easy to do?

I think I have asked that last question before. Nothing has changed? Well, the Carbonite Cloud backup was a changed. And so when the desktop failed with all my latest photos formatted to go to the printer, for an exhibition I was accepted in, my panic was not as great as last September when four years of photographs and documents vanished in the ether at the computer nerd's house. And when HP delivers my desktop back with a new motherboard I can restore all data (but not programs) from the cloud. Now to figure out while programs I directly downloaded and which I ordered the CD's for. And it is that question that moved me from Photoshop to Corel Paint Shop Pro, but I digress.

Sometimes I have to have change thrust upon me and that has to be the theme for the last 12 months. Astro Van failed and forced me to look at my commitment to fairs. The new desktop allowed me the space and speed to more actively pursue photography. Marc's death a year ago made me look at moving on or not in relationships. And now some eager classmates from high school are planning a reunion. Oh, what I don't remember (thankfully) from high school. And what I do remember might be best forgotten. Might be some interesting blogs in that including David Rhodes who I had a crush on but he had a crush on my best friend. Stupidly asked me for her phone number!

But once again I digress. I have the photos I need now downloaded from the cloud to my laptop. I can copy them to a jump drive or just e-mail them to the printer I use in Taos. Downloading them proved that the cloud works and if HP techs lose my data I can reload the fixed Charley VII upon its return to me in two weeks. I will have the printed and framed and into the show in Raton before that.

Life moves on regardless of what is lost: computers, cars, people. I just wish sometimes it would slow down a bit.

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