Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Escaping the Cyber Gang

Spring runoff by J. Binford-Bell

The cyber stalking by the gang of five plus one has made me take a long look at how I spend my time in cyber space. As a result I will be spending more time blogging and less time interfacing on Facebook. And that interface will be limited to trusted friends.

More blogs means more time off the computer and out in the world gathering fodder for those blogs. And given that I am a photographer there will be more photo blogs no doubt.

Forensic evidence

While accompanying my dogs they located this fragment of bone. It is a large bone, not human but I do not know if cow or elk. But notice the tiny teeth marks near the pine need on the upper shaft. Rodent no doubt. But an even bigger mystery is the animal with the big enough jaws that it fractured the shaft to extract the marrow. Well, moving along quickly . . . I was after all seeking tranquility away from bullies.

Tranquility Base New Mexico

It was a beautiful morning for a pleasant stroll with the fur kids. And not a single cyber bully in evidence. When the internet gets you all upset just return here and meditate.

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