Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time and Money

Chairs at Monet's Pond by J. Binford-Bell

It has been one of those weeks. One of those weeks when I would like to be lounging by a pond just spending time doing nothing. But I have been busy. Busy can be good especially when their is money attached to it. I have this "day job" I do in the "slow times." I pet and property sit. And even work as an odds job woman.

April, which is a dead time for art and tourism, is a a busy time for pet sitting and property watching. Those that can afford it leave town. April can be a rather dismal month in the mountains. Not warm enough to do summer projects and not cold enough to enjoy winter sports. Us locals call it mud and flood season only this year there has not been much of that. But there have been spring snows putting a kabash on spring projects for gardening.

But all those little jobs that have been preventing me from just sitting in a chair and being lazy are going to make it possible to build myself a tunnel green house and stash away some money for leaner times. Or just higher gas prices. Or more art supplies. But when you are so tired you just want to go back to bed and curl up in a ball it can be hard to focus on why you are working this hard.

You find yourself wishing for a different pacing. Spread things out just a bit. But that is one of the things that is so different about life in the high country. It seems to come in spurts. You work yourself to a frazzle and then sit around and wait until the snow melts. Then jump to your list of to do's to take advantage of the short growing season, or art tourism season, then wait till the snow comes and . . .

You take it when you can get it. Try to save it for when you don't have it. Horde for the lean times. Make hay while the sun shines.

Never a dull moment. Though I admit to wishing for a day or two of totally dull with sunshine so I can sit in a lawn chair and watch the grass grow.

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  1. I know I read this before but somehow did not let you know that. Nice glimpse of the rhythm of your year. A bit like ours but more extreme. Pet and house sitters are valuable people! The last time we went away we had a friend stay here. Such peace of mind!


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