Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It Snowed Monday - and Tuesday

Calm before the storm by J. Binford-Bell

Monday morning, April 2nd, 2012, was a glorious dawn. The day began with a wonderful walk with the fur kids and camera. Then it was off to the Angel Fire Visitor's center with my sister's and my photographs to hang for the Binfords' Back Country Photography show April and May. I had worn a light hoodie for the walk and just shirt sleeves to hang the exhibit.

But the minute I stepped out of the Angel Fire Visitors Center I realized that was a mistake. Clouds had rolled in and by the time I got home it was spitting snow.

The Bell by J. Binford-Bell

It was April and I know we can get some heavy snows in April but I frankly was not taking this one seriously. I was playing with my camera and the photo opportunities instead of locating the snow shovels, bringing firewood into the house, finding and having ready all lanterns and flash lights. Big mistake.

Lawn Chairs by J. Binford-Bell

Forecasts were now saying a foot to 20 inches but the weather service has been wrong all winter. I continued to play with my camera until the light failed. Then I waded out through the 10 inches of snow to get wood for the fire. A couple winks of the power and I located flashlights before heading upstairs to bed.

No Picnic today by J. Binford-Bell

It was light enough to get the picture above I realized we were getting closer to the 20 inches. It was still snowing. Time to find the snow shovel. That meant trekking through 18 inches of snow to where I had leaned it against the bird feeder. The birds liked that because it meant I was going to put out food. Then it was did myself out of front door to trudge with dogs to the neighbor's for coffee of course. The snow plows had not been down the roads, the school district had closed the schools, neighbors with jobs were on a two hour delay. What better to do than have coffee and watch it snow some more. Oh, and take pictures.

Magique with snow balls from walk

Roof Glaciers

And shovel the driveway. I did that in spurts. Twenty inches of wet spring snow is heavy. New renters helped and by late afternoon the driveway was clear. It will be 51 F today so no doubt a lot of this will melt. Expect pictures of swollen Little Coyote soon.

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