Sunday, November 4, 2012

That was the week that was

Reflections by J. Binford-Bell

Sandy came on shore. All the Aspen leaves were on the ground. The weather channel revised its long range forecasts and the drought continues. Well, except for where Sandy came on shore. New York and New Jersey would like a dry and warmer trend.

Meanwhile I was walking the dogs around placid ponds and taking stunning pictures of reflections and ignoring all my email in boxes because they are full of messages from what seems a million Democrats. And staying off Facebook where I am bombarded by Republicans that want to tell me yet again how stupid I am.

I am rather above the fray as I voted mid October. I have been more concerned about my renters as real estate agents began calling me asking for credit information about them. There lease is not up until the 1st of March. Nobody in the highlands of New Mexico wants an empty rental property in the winter. But I have to wonder what they were thinking as they are not current on their rent and most months have not been so how did they expect a good reference from me?

It seems a lot of people these days are out of touch with reality. Romney, I am now convinced, has absolutely no idea when he is lying. He is really pathological. And my Christian friends do not seem to realize that their behavior is not enticing me to the "right path" but making me run the other way. Give me a kind atheist over a fundamental Christian any day of the week. And please, please, please do not pray for me. And who wouldn't be afraid of that after a reverend said Sandy was sent to Sodom (New York) because of their tolerance of gays. 

Meanwhile one of my long time friends has a boyfriend. This after 14 years. The good news is she does not have time to listen to Rush Limbaugh anymore. But she still wants to tell me I should get me a boyfriend too. She even put me on speaker phone recently so her roommate (also in yet again another affair with the rich love of her life) could also tell me how to live by getting a man to tell me how to live. No thank you. Do not think I will be calling my friend of 40 years any time soon again. I cannot even email her to tell her to never ever again put me on speaker phone without asking. She doesn't do email.

Meanwhile in Grants, NM some restaurant employees must have mixed bleach with ammonia and created a toxic gas. Nobody admits what they do wrong these days (see previous comments about Romney who is now in favor of FEMA - thank you, Sandy). So Hazmat crews and hospitals had to deal with the effects of a mystery incident. And on the New Jersey shore people that violated a mandatory evacuation order and were clearly told that they should prepare for a week or more of no power, no gas, no electricity, no lights, no water and no help are whining that they have no power, no gas, no electricity, no lights, no water, and no help after two days. Hey, you cannot call the victims of Katrina whiners any longer. BTW they went a week before GW even looked out his Air Force One window flying home from vacation on his ranch.

Maybe if I hibernate until spring there will be rebirth of truth, justice and the American way. Takes six months to get the bloom off the rose in a relationship so by April I will be able to call my friend of 40 years.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more about Romney and his followers. All I can say is, "Thank the Universe I don't live in America."

    I can also relate to 'well meaning?' friends wanting to do what makes them happy.

    Hope you have a good week anyway.

  2. PS, That is one very beautiful photo!


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