Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Creative Incompetence.

Now that we have computers, Megapixel cameras, software and smart phones we think can all be website designers,  marketers or even freelance writers. Where we once hired professionals we have become do-it-self misfits. I notice this most in Call for Entry notifications.

I find my internal editor kicking in whenever I get an email about a new exhibition to enter or a notification from the last as to my acceptance or non-acceptance. Please people, proof read. And have another person proof read to see if you said what it is you thought you said but didn't really. Try not to be cruel and insensitive when you email "sorry" notifications. Be sorry. That works.

Never, ever use all caps and bold in an email. And especially not in sorry notifications. And when sending out call for entry emails do have all the hot links work not just look like they should. And do describe the show you intend accurately. Artists base their submissions on the description of the show. Try to be clear and concise. We are all reading a half dozen of these a week some times. We are trying to pick the show for us. The one we think our works will fit into. Money is short and we would rather not waste it our our time.
A good vocabulary is nice but too many words is off putting.

Then, and this is very important, be sure the jurors you hire to vet the entries know what the exhibition is to be about. We feel betrayed if you mis-advertise your intent. And do not chat with others about the jury process before the notifications go out? Arts is a small community. We do gossip. Definitely take the time to notify those who did not succeed in making it into your event. They took the time to enter so you should take the time to respond.

If you do not think you can handle all that then hire someone to do it for you. And do not assume that because we do not apply for your show again that we are off our art or discouraged. We keep lists of events that mistreat us.

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  1. Well said. There are a number of art contests I will no longer be entering because they did not bother to send out notifications to artists who did not get selected.


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