Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oh, how they grow!

Plants in May 2009

I have this widget on my bogs that links other similar blogs the reader might be interested in. This photo was from my blog about the plant table which I had just completed. Could not believe how small the plants were. Yesterday I took some photos of the same plants now.

Some of the original cast in 2014

Not a totally fair comparison because the crown of thorns on the left had two feet pruned off of it. The euphoria in the center of the top photo is on the right in the lower photo. Most of the plants got so large I pruned and germinated. The euphoria in the lower left is just the top of one which got nine feet tall. And my one little jade plant in the far right of the upper picture generated three other jade plants from leaves. They got so large I gave them away. And the mother plant is now three feet high and almost two feet across.

Obviously in the almost five years since the original blog the studio has been good for my prickly friends.

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