Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pirates Don't Send Flowers

A long time friend of mine, some 40 years, and I were talking about our misspent youth yesterday. Though our lives, even when separated for years, have largely paralleled each other, we have one major divergent path. She got married and stayed married for forty plus years. Longest I have ever stayed married - nine years. But we are both attracted to pirates. So yesterday's coffee was about the pirates in our pasts.

And since it was Valentine's Day we discussed that too. Her mate of all those years made a big deal of VDay. To look at my past you would guess that VDay had something to do with victory in Europe during WWII and I was on the losing side. I have only been sent flowers once. The man involved with the nine year marriage and much longer friendship knew to buy my truffles instead; when he remembered.

How, one has to ask, can anyone miss Valentines? Trust me it is possible. I never much liked the day to be frank. I blame that on two things 1) Mom and Dad never seemed to make much of it, and 2) I worked entirely too long in the food and beverage industry financing my education, and what I came to call my way early retirement. If you want to be foot loose and fancy free, and what pirate doesn't, there are two areas of business where you can always get a job: Restaurants and bars, and construction. Become a bartender pr chef or learn to drive heavy equipment and you will never go hungry.

It is also where you will find the most pirates.

Chefs, bartenders and waitresses loath VDay, Mother's Day, and Easter. So I never reminded a boy friend or significant other of any of those days. I decline all invitations out for any of those days. Who want to go out and mingle with rude people upset it is crowded and service is slow. Duh?

Now that VDay is over all the chocolates will be fresh so I will stop in at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Taos this week and buy myself some truffles.


  1. It'd a load of hype! Valentine's Day in my youth was sending someone a card with no name on it and watching the reaction. Or receiving an anonymous card and wondering who the hell it was!

    Trinidad is a strange place. Much is made out of Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day. In our churches here mothers receive gifts fromthe parish on Mothering Sunday, fathers receive gifts on Father's Day and children receive gifts on either Holy Innocents, 28 December or Feast of the Holy
    Family, 29 December. Mother's Day in the UK is celebrated on the first Sunday in March which coincided give or take a day or two with my mother's birthday.

    As I mentioned in a comment re this post on Face Book, if you cannot be nice to each other every day of the year, why bother on this particular day. Arrows wound as well as send love messages!

  2. Totally agree. I'll be buying my own favorite chocolates too.


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