Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some Days are Diamonds

Been a bit of a roller coaster week. It is spring here in the mountains and there is no telling if winter or summer will show up any given day. I spent time in the garden this week pulling off the winter devastated plastic on the poly. And the next day the temps fall to 18 degrees. I feel I am on a time clock. All these things which got moved up because there is going to be this window I have to align myself to.

Yes, the cataract surgery is minor but there are all these restrictions pre and post op to align yourself to. Even exercise will have to be curtailed. Allergy meds not used during a high spring allergy season. No lifting, not exertion. No out in high spring winds. So I am trying to cram as many forbidden things in the next month as possible. I should be in the most restrictive period when the garden needs tilled and planted and the plastic stretched over the little seeds.  Considering stretching several canvases (yes, that can be exertion) so I can just sketch or paint for the week one and two I have to behave.

Meanwhile my repaired camera is back and the skies can be amazing.

New Mexico Dawn

And I have had this wonderful relationship with my muse lately. I will be working on the finishing touches of a painting and already plotting the next one in my mind.

Wild Horse Run almost done

I think I could use some patience but maybe artists are not patient. We are perfectionists and we want it our way. So maybe I will just hope for perspective.


  1. What is coming over whether you mean for it to or not, is that you are upbeat and positive. Your New Mexico dawn is breathtaking and of course, I love the wild horses.

    Post op: you know the rules already - add to the above: no hair wash for one week, no eye make up, avoid moisturizers around eyes, no swimming for at least four weeks, no computer for three weeks ( I ignored that!), eye patch at night for one week, avoid sleeping on the operated on side for one week.......... you will be fine. I was! And had the second done within three weeks of the first!

  2. Good grief, all of the restrictions would kill me. *I have never been one to do as I'm told!* I like to KEEP 'my power!' When I have had to stay in hospital I have been like a bear with a sore head. lol
    Afraid I am lazy Jacqui, I will be buying my canvases already stretched when I can find the time to get back to it. :-)

    1. As to why I stretch my own canvas? I used watercolor canvas and it is easier to find on a roll than stretched on gallery stretcher bars. And I get to have the canvas match my sketch instead of the sketch fit my canvas.

  3. Yes, there is that indeed and it can be a pain in the butt. I am thinking I might have to do the same as I am starting to adventures. :-)


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