Monday, March 3, 2014

Where does the time go?

This was suppose to be a weekly post of my progress through life. An on line journal. But it has been over two weeks since I last posted. I stared at that date for a while and tried to remember what had happened in that time. At first I did not have a clue. Had to walk backwards through my physical calendar which lays beside my computer. First I had to find it.

My library table is totally a mess. Which means I have been spending too much time at my computer because of submitting sorting through photographs to submit to a printer. And editing photos of paintings I have finished in the last month to submit to another show. I have spent extra time trying to market on social media. And enjoyed some good results.

And then there was the broken camera which had to be sent back to Nikon. Under warranty but that also takes time; hurdles that have to be jumped through on the computer. Then I had to drive to Raton and up to Trinidad, Colorado. The Nikon D3200 is off in California so back to the Nikon D90. Love that camera.

I am looking forward to having the D3200 back because I do not think it ever behaved right in the four months I had it. All the pictures I am entering in the April photography show were taken with the D90 and half the pixels. It isn't all about pixels.

And my life has not been all about photography this last couple of weeks. In fact it has been more about painting. Finished one, framed two and began a third. And if you think my computer center is a mess the studio is worse.

Four of these paintings went to the New Mexico Women's show in Raton.


  1. It`s lived in which is far better than any Homes and Garden house. Yours is a home as opposed to a house. Comfortably worked in and comfortably lived in.

  2. Time just try to get away from us. Love the truck - and so true about pixels.

  3. Must admit your desk/bench is way worse than mine only because I have just done a big clean up. I even did a post on PT this afternoon. Loves your pix and can't wait to get a new camera.

  4. Clutter is the sign of a creative mind! Your paintings are just so,so exceptional!


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