Saturday, September 6, 2014

Living in the Question

My mother was First Christian. Dad had been raised Catholic and then, as he would put it when the conversation came around to religion, went to war. In my formative years I went to base chapels and then turned to philosophy. I believe. I just refuse to limit that belief. In college I discovered Reciprocity as a construct of social psychology.  And if I have a belief system which guides my life that is it.

That has had a major impact on my life because I fail to understand those that condemn or restrict or declare without latitude. I have continued to study the history of  religions because it is within religions you most often see a rigid condemnation of others. Religionists are your zealots, your fundamentalists,  your condemners of all who do not believe as they do.

Religionists have nothing to do with faith or spirituality and often are counter to good moral practice. I find them very scary whether base of worship is Islam or Christianity. I find them scary because they feel they have the answers and no longer seek.

Spirituality is living in the question and constantly seeking a higher understanding. You cannot do that if you believe you have already been given all the answers by a puppet in a pulpit. Or a clerk doing the "Good Work" at a thrift shop.

It is easier to continue to seek if you avoid those so dogmatically sure of the answers. I believe we all have that freedom to seek. Who knows maybe the creator of the universe is a while salamander or a gecko or Coyote. Maybe all of those are just names for an energy way beyond our poor power to comprehend.


  1. Luv you Jacqui, you think exactly the same way I do. :-)

  2. I asked a spiritual advisor once upon a time who or what is god. He replied that god is structure. It took many years of contemplation to even get a grip on that concept. I'm still not certain I can encompass it. But it makes for interesting thought.

    And I agree with you on religion vs. spirituality.


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