Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Over the Back Fence

I do not take long vacations. Partly because of finances. And partly because I am rather a home body. Besides there is enough in my backyard to keep be interested. The trek this fall was from here to Farmington to Pagosa Springs, down to Chama and over Cumbres Pass. This blog is about just below Pagosa Springs.

We were late for aspens but those we found were wonderful in their contrast to the trees already absent their leaves, and the dark skies of fall weather. The pickup allowed us to get up forest roads with ease and into areas not photographed by the average tourist. Just south of Chromo we took Buckles Road into the National Forest in search of Buckles Lake which we never got to. Another day perhaps. It was only a seven plus mile trip but photographers can take a long time to make that distance if the scenery is good. And it was.

Then you could also stand in the same spot and watch the clouds travel and highlight different spots on the mountain.

All the photos in this blog were taken in just about two hours on that one forest road but depending on which way you were facing or just where the clouds were or were not the colors changed on trees and sky. And sometimes it seemed even the seasons changed.

We were essentially driving the ridge up the mountain. The aspens were huge as you got closer to the top. Even without their leaves they were majestic things to behold especially up close. But standing on a ridge before the snow capped Sawtooth mountains they commanded your attention too. 

Golden crowns or not.

The ridge road allowed us views off both sides. And as morning shifted to afternoon the shadows shifted too.

More blogs coming on other aspects of this short but magical trip along the border of Colorado and New Mexico.

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  1. Fabulous photos again Jacqui. Thank you for sharing. Hugs.


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