Friday, April 3, 2015


Kittens on the window sill

Transitions are never easy in life. There is something about the human animal which is happiest when change is not required. Probably why people go to Florida where there are not even seasons to consider. I love spring generally but no sooner had Thicke and Quent come into my life and the weather turned awful. I could not even go out to the garden to escape their antics.

If, as an older person, you have no memory of kittens let me say they are educational and entertaining. I can now identify the sounds for approximately 100 different items being knocked over or pushed off of something. Including the television set. Which let to the new use for duck tape which comes in several colors and decorator patterns. Knowing what was pushed off helps you deduce what it was pushed off of.  I have decided kittens are a mental training program.

Latest technical upgrade also available for computer screens

Taking care of a friend's kitten led to the discovery of several varieties of catnip toys, which I put into play like new mothers do pacifiers with infants. Both have their flaws. And then there is bottled catnip scent which can be added to toys which have lost their smell before the kittens lost them. Obviously, however, they can smell the catnip through the glass bottle, and I did not store it well. The bottle was declared a toy and is now missing.

They also put catnip pockets in cat beds. Feeling like a drug pusher I figured it was time to toss out the bed Wee Willow had shared with Scrappy and previously the Darkness, who had shared it with her brother, the Ghost for a new catnip saturated bed. Wee Willow loves her new bed placed on the library table by my computer.

Wee Willow in her new bed

The kittens, however, alternate between sleeping in their bed and using it as a king sized toy. It is merely one of the numerous items impossible to keep in one place. Kittens being the #1 item on that list. No longer confined to a protected corner (as if that ever limited them at all) they now have roamed the vast majority of the house. Quent even came upstairs to my bedroom which Wee Willow thinks is her exclusive territory. Interested in seeing how long that lasts, but she won last night. The surprise, for me, was that it was Quent. He is the most loving but Thicke is usually first into any kind of trouble or adventure.

I am more than ready to introduce them to the great outdoors and the doggie door, but the weather has been nippy and windy; even I do not want to go outside. So for the moment they get their exercise doing laps around the living room and attempting to catch spring flies in the studio. Good thing most of my plants have thorns.

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