Sunday, May 3, 2015

Flawed Communications

For satisfactory communication to happen there has to be first and foremost a desire to communicate on both parties. In addition to talking both must listen, and the end goal must be a meeting, not a beating down, of minds.

I can train a rat to my way of thinking through the use of positive and negative messages like in the Skinner Box. As ever pet owner knows communication does not have to be verbal. And on the other hand verbal communication can be positive and negative. A manipulative person can and does use words to be positive or negative reinforcement. They can even use words to be as damaging as electrified grids or withheld food.

Some people are impossible to communicate with. They see their ability to talk as a tool to work you around to their way of thinking. And when they fail at this it is your fault and not theirs.

Some people are also dangerous to attempt to communicate with because they will lower your sense of self and harm you emotionally. I do believe some people can talk you into self harm.

So what can you do? Not talk to them. Beyond hello and nice day. Certainly do not get into deep conversations with them.

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