Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Desk Calendar

Morning Salutation to the Sun

The desk calendar says it is May 18th. A year ago I did not get the poly tunnel up until this date. Now I have lettuce planted. The outside temperature is 27 F and the temp in the green house is 36 degrees. Sun should be up soon. It has been a month since the kittens came into my life and three hours since they (with the help of Wee Willow) broke the glass on the entertainment center. I just ran the shop vac yet again because of the glint of shattered glass 20 feet away. And also cleaned up the mess they made yesterday with the potting soil. On this day on my calendar I am suppose to begin doing yoga salutations to the sun. I am thinking of going back to bed. Straight to bed, turn the electric blanket up to 9 and assume the prenatal position. Not exactly Yoga.

But the desk calendar says I can have the freedom of a total day if I do the yoga. Nothing else on the page but one pet sitting job which I usually combine with walking the dogs after the sun gets up. But in the week before this day there are several things not done which should rightly slide over. I haven't re-listed the rescheduled items because I like some white space on my desk calendar. Without thumbing ahead too far. Next week already has things to do scheduled. One of which is pick up my finished taxes. I am obviously not the only person running behind. Behind. My tax prep person knows she can always file an extension for me.

I have two long term tasks which hinge on weather. So each day begins with a look at NOAA. I think both will not get done today because of high winds and thunderstorms with 70% chance of rain. They appear on the desk calendar in hopeful positions over the last two weeks. That is sort of where yoga stands. I scheduled in a slot and then do so much other "exercise" it gets crossed out. Except for corpse pose.

And then there is backing my truck into my car when shuffling their positions. I just went on my merry way to my list of pet jobs. Returned and put the Corolla into the holding position after determining the bent hood still opened and it was just the headlight assembly I totally shattered. They are plastic you know. And glass. What is it about me and glass in the last 24 hours? I am sure I can do without a glass door on the DVD enclosure. I am thinking rubber hammer on the bent hood. Duct tape comes to mind to hold a new headlight in place. But I have the truck and no decision has to be made today.

Considering cancelling much of today and tomorrow. But Monday begins Mercury in Retrograde and things could get worse. I have so many friends trying to simplify life. How do you do that without dropping dead?


  1. Your M in R started early - or it did for the kittens and Wee Willow. No that can't be right as poor things didn't have anything to do with your pick up/Corolla escapade!! I can do duct tape!!

  2. They say duct tape will fix anything. Wow it's still pretty cold for you. We finally got some early Summer days..


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