Friday, July 22, 2016

At a Loss for Words

Reflections in a Still Pond

July, friends and I at a Chamber of Commerce event were noting, is entirely too busy. And once, I am told, nothing other than the 4th happened in July in Angel Fire. And we were not the community which had parades or fund raisers for the fire department or set off the fireworks. Those were Red River, Wheeler Peak, and Eagle Nest. So an effort was made to fill the calendar. I do believe we have created a monster.

It was only the 22nd, just after the garden tour, and those of us making our command appearances at the ribbon cutting for the newest Texas owned business in our New Mexico mountain town were already looking all in. Nine more days to go. This weekend is the High Country Arts and Crafts Fair in Eagle Nest. Some of us will no doubt attend. I am staying home. And I confess I did not do the garden tour either. I was tending to my own garden. And celebrating my new camera. And culling through emails requesting my involvement at events into September.

Some years back it occurred to me I could not do it all. So I carefully chose what events I was willing to support by attending or volunteering. Still people seem to believe I am involved in all of them. I was thanked last night for attending something at the library. I nodded but hadn't a clue. I think I went to bed early. I slipped out the back door early on last night's obligation. I had a sunset to attend with camera.

Artists require quiet time. Not a lot of that in July unless you slip away. Camera and me are making plans for Sunday. My excuse is my new photo blog for the on line version of the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle. But I just really need time to myself. And not at my house or studio where the To do List sits abandoned because of all the busy obligations of July. I have not even blogged here since June. Where, oh where did quiet June go?

Clouds' Illusions

My head has become filled with the polite things to say. My heart filled with fear I will forget my lines. My soul empty of inspiration. I need to hide myself away like the Cheshire Cat. Sorry, but Miss Binford-Bell sends her regrets.

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