Friday, February 16, 2018

My Day to Whine

I loathe, hate, abhor, and dislike making posters. I feel diminished, dismissed, degraded by being asked to do them.  I dream about leaving groups who believe they "honor" me by asking me to do them. I even come to dislike those friends that so dismissively assign me the task of SIGNS. 

I got rid of my large format printer to make it more impossible for me to do them. Nobody seems to have noticed. I just have to do them by hand. 

I have tried to process all the horrible Post Traumatic Stress which in unearthed whenever I face another lettering task. I have decided it is entirely too enmeshed in my memories to just vanish it. I can name it and the participants. Mr. Featherstone, the art teacher; Mr. Brown the principal; a school counselor I have relegated to the unnamed witches of my past; Mr. Mealy, the hero; Manzano High School, which will never be a fond memory because of lettering.

I want to be cremated when I die. Please lay for my memory no stones to mark the spot. I would hate to have lettering associated with my name.

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  1. Do the people who ask you to make posters know how much you hate doing them?


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