Sunday, May 17, 2009

Missing the Sunday Paper

When I lived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina I would get up on Sunday Morning and go for breakfast at a bookshop/cafe that offered bagels with lox and the Washington Post and New York Times. A shamelessly liberal venue in a very conservative southern city. When I moved to Lee's Summit, Missouri the Kansas City Star was delivered and Ozzie, my Persian cat, and I would debate floor space with coffee and the paper before I went out to Shoney's for brunch.

Both of these rituals were continuations of a long established habit of Sunday paper reading, crossword working, and general lazing around because it was after all Sunday. Moving to the high country of northern New Mexico was culture shock. Especially here outside Angel Fire. There are few restaurants open on Sunday morning and the only paper that can be had is the Albuquerque Journal which does not compare favorably to the Washington Post which I read every day when I lived in the nation's capital.

And it no longer seems to make sense to jump in the car and drive five miles to pick up something I will basically use to start fires. But old habits die hard. Sunday still seems the day for a special breakfast so I will often make myself an omelet or migas or French Toast on Sunday. And I will sit at my computer and browse the internet for the latest news stories posted.

And I catch up with my favorite blogs on Sunday. Blogs it seems have come to replace the opinion pieces that I once read avidly on the op-ed pages of big newspapers on a Sunday. But there are no coupons to clip or any arts calendar to read for events to be sure not to miss later in the week on the Internet though I have found sites with crossword puzzles.

No, I would not move back to the big city for all the cafe lattes in Seattle. But there are Sunday mornings I miss the Sundown Cafe and the Washington Post. I miss Ozzie lying across the page I am trying to read. My current purr kids are trained to stay off my keyboard. Have no idea what they would do with newspaper. And it would be nice if eggs Benedict just appeared before me beside my mug of coffee.


  1. I'm here reading about your Sunday.
    Sunday Morning is a good assignment for a photographer.
    In Town everyone has a different thing the love to do.
    Thinking of you.

  2. Sounds so cozy. But times keep changing don't they?! Just like each of our little furry friends has a different personality and habits. (smile)

    Guess we just "have to go with the flow"!

    happy Sunday to you! :)


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