Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Star Gazing

I am blessed with living in an area with little to no light or luminous pollution. The International Dark Sky Association would love it here though there is one security light up at a neighbor's house that I am itching to shoot out. At least he no longer lights up his neon cross. And New Mexico has recently put some teeth into dark sky legislation. Frankly I think just bullets would have been enough. But then that is my western frontier attitude.

My studio which was designed so that its windows captured the sun's warming rays in the winter has proven to be a fantastic planetarium with its views of the eastern and southern skies. The morning skies are my favorite to gaze upon. I am not one of those get up at 2 a.m. types of sky watchers unless alerted that there is to be a special event like a comet or meteor shower. But I will stand at my studio windows with cup in hand and watch the parade of planets in the predawn sky.

Venus of late has been very bright and done some wonderful dances with the crescent moon in April. On the 21st Venus, the moon and Mars are suppose to put a lovely display on for us earth bound types. And I seldom if ever miss the rising of the full moon. That event is always at sunset. So while the setting sun turns the sky pink the moon rises over the eastern mountains. This month the full flower moon is on the 9th. And the wildflowers have come out to greet if following the recent rains.

I would at some time in the future like a telescope that I can attach my camera too so I can do some artistic time lapse shots of my eastern view on the universe. But for now I will just stand there with my morning cup of coffee or evening tea in total awe for the heavenly show.

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  1. I love looking at the stars... but most of the UK is very much a victim of street lights and things polluting the atmosphere. When I was younger I used to know lots of contellations by name and still now I like to look up when I get a chance. But not lucky like you with a perfect viewing platform attached to my sitting room. I think I will see the same constellations as you? Orion is one of my favs.. and always enjoy spotting my horse friend Pegasus.

    Go buy a telescope.... you will only have one life in your present situation... make the most of the opportunity..


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