Sunday, May 3, 2009

Victory Gardens

On May Day, as I mentioned previously, I went out to my prepared raised beds and sowed seeds for my garden patch. Yesterday, it rained all day blessing my efforts. I plant primarily varieties of leafy greens for summer salads because not much else grows without much effort at 8725 feet altitude. But the kale, spinach, mustard greens and lettuces grow wonderfully all summer long because it never gets hot enough to make them bolt.

I also grow some chives, tarragon, garlic, and thyme outside. Inside I grow oregano and rosemary and lavender as well as some other herbs. I will dry these for use in cooking. Today I will get a pot of basil begun that will live days on the stoop and chilly nights in the studio/sun room. I chop up the basil and mix with just a bit of water and freeze in ice cube trays. Once frozen I pop them into a zip lock back to be retrieved as needed for pesto and Italian sauces.

Previous to this summer this has always been a hobby of a mad gardener and gourmet cook. This year it is tied closely to economic survival. It will lower my grocery bills since nobody seems to be lowering prices and hopefully allow me to save some money toward the winter heating bills where nobody is willing to lower prices either.

I watched the movie Seabiscuit yesterday. I had watched it years ago when it first came out. And is certainly a movie that merits re-watching especially on Derby Day. But I had been unaware or did not remember the historical backdrop of the Great Depression. Yesterday that part of the movie hit me deeply. I would recommend everyone get this DVD and watch this movie for lessons of survival in rough economic times.

And everyone should plant a victory garden not just for the economy but against global warming. We need more green on this planet. I am just doing two 4 x 4 foot raised beds but you can plant a lot of food in that space. And I have another little raised plot that last year grew weeds and this year I have hopes for a zucchini hill there. Zucchini grows well here it I can nurse it past a late frost. And come payday I want to buy a patio tomato to add color to those salads for the summer.

I think the key here as with Seabiscuit is to not lose heart and keep putting one hoof in front of the other until you have completed the race.

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  1. Courgette (Zucchini) grows well everywhere.. just loves lots of water. The flowers are very tasty too.

    I've yet to plant my eating plants yet. My garden is tiny.. and full of flowers.. so space is limited.. but some trays of leaves and herbs.. plus bean/peas running up the trellis will be introduced soon..

    Like the idea with Basil. I have a pot growing on my windowsill just now. I just love it in salads and cooking.


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