Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cloud Gazing

When I first bought my house here in Black Lake I had my dining room table at the window facing east and would sit and sip my coffee while watching dawn creep over the mountains or the huge clouds build during the monsoon season.

That window is now the door to my studio; a studio I designed to take advantage of all that beautiful sky. The process of building it, however, shut me up in the recesses of my house with my computers away from the dust of construction and all the windows I had so dreamed about.

I have long ago moved back into all those forbidden spaces but somewhere I lost the habit of morning coffee spent before a window watching the clouds turn pink. I begin my day on the desktop computer looking at a corner and blinds down on the western view. It is still dark at that time, and if the blinds are open I feel exposed to the traffic (odd word for my little lane).

Two days ago it occurred to me that I should take my morning coffee into the studio and boot up the laptop instead so I could stare at sky as it lightens up in the morning.

I am back to cloud gazing. My very soul missed I think. I had gotten sidetracked and left on a rail.

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  1. I have always found the mountains a healing place and miss my Rocky Mountain skies too. Lucky you!


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