Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kitty Tracks

Mischief was afoot last night. The dogs in the neighborhood broke out into full chorus on a couple of occasions. One of the reasons, I found out this morning, was a skunk because it managed to target the neighbor's dogs I walk with in the morning.

Because of the disrupted sleep patterns I was a bit more groggy than usual while sipping my first cup of coffee. I heard a thump somewhere near. It was not anything breaking. Did not sound expensive. So I continued to sip coffee and try to wake up before the morning fur kids walk. Upon returning home I noticed little white cat prints everywhere. My first thought was whether I had any paints out in my studio, but as I am packing for a fair this weekend that was not a possibility.

I grab a sponge, wet it and begin wiping up the kitty tracks. They are not milk, or wet clay. I follow them back to the source and there his a spilled gallon of ceiling white latex paint in my hallway. Suddenly I remember the thump. And quite obviously both my purr kids walked through it. And being cats and not liking stuff on their paws they did that little paw shake here and there and splattered paint about.

How do you pick up almost a half gallon of paint off the tile floor - with a dust pan and a sponge. How do you get up white kitty tracks all through the kitchen and living room and studio - one track at a time with a damp sponge.

My morning was definitely sidetracked.


  1. Oh my goodness, what a fun time you had cleaning
    all that up! Poor baby!

  2. leave the white kitty foot prints there and call it art


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