Friday, June 12, 2009

Lost in the Clouds

I found this wonderful early black and white photo of New York with her head in the clouds as it were. I was Googling images in black and white for use here on Sidetracked Charley. For reasons only another eccentric artist could understand I find myself wanting to stay with B&W here or monochromatic color images.

I was soaring through the ether to avoid having to rein myself in and plant feet firmly to the ground and get to updating my inventory spread sheet, etc., which I blogged about on Creative Journey this morning. Mother would have said I was woolgathering, and these clouds do look like cotton wool. Well, I have always had my head in the clouds.

But to get down to earth, let me confess that I haven't a clue what this blog is about. I think I begun it just because I wanted to post this picture and not do the boring work I know I must do. That old law firm of Delay, Delay and Delay. But then once I began to type I realized the many cliques that decorate our language which have some reference to the sky and clouds and daydreaming. Can anyone add any more?

This could be interesting and definitely diverting from the work I know I must do.

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