Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I Did Yesterday

And probably why every muscle in my body is complaining today. It is what is called a lasagna garden which is alternating layers of newspaper, grass clippings and peat moss. Bekkieann started me on this when she blogged about it on My So Called Life. It seemed like a good idea. I had started this a couple weeks ago as a way of uniting a couple plants like my peony and current bush in my little back garden and prevent me from having to mow around all of them separately.

The rock garden/pond feature at the end is not completed yet. Yesterday I added another level to the garden bed and humped it up in the middle and then planted a blue and white columbine and three colors of poppies I had bought. I transplanted a purple columbine hidden in the front garden to this more airy location. I also put in a creeping rosemary I had in a pot and a start of rhubarb. I like rhubarb as a plant because of the huge green leaves and the red stalks.

I have not done all the planting here I want to do but I have made a good beginning, but that beginning required mowing the lawn to get the grass clippings. And that required learning how to use my grass catcher on the walk behind mower. Lots of bend and lift emptying it. But I think it was worth it. I want to add Chintz thyme as an edge around it. And perhaps a Hansa rose in the open space before the end. And also some herbs that I routinely grow here. The poppies will be huge in the not too distant future.

I have two other areas I want to do this sort of bed in and it looks like the grass catcher will provide lots of grass clippings so I better lay in more newspaper and peat moss.


  1. Sounds as though you have been busy in the garden, Jacqui. It is always worthwhile spending time gardening as one's efforts are so well rewarded.
    I spend time in the garden enjoying the flowers and vegetables now that it is established. However, I appreciate all the hard work that has to be put into it before it blooms and fruits...

  2. I love gardening including the heavy work. It keeps me fit and I find it sooths my soul. Nothing better than being at one with nature.


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