Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Really Important List

Yesterday I was working away at a couple of the items on my Before-the-snow-flies list. Admittedly last night we did get a trace of snow but realistically we have to the end of October to get these things done. And without thinking I have already gotten a few done like neatening the woodshed for the new cords to be delivered in October, stocking up on canned and dry goods, and replacement of the flaps on the through the wall fur kid door. But the list is always longer than the days to accomplish it.

But it was a blog I follow, KathyintheOzarks, that reminded me obliquely of the truly important list: Snowed in. As an artist what to do when snowed in is hardly a problem. There are always more paintings to paint. But as a Gemini I like variety. And there are those things I put off this summer because the weather was too nice - the indoors tasks like painting walls, and organizing the sewing room, and finishing the resurfacing of the walls in my bedroom. And the I would certainly like to do list of beginning the pantry downstairs and maybe even the shower add to the half bath.

If one gets snowed in (never a problem until the last couple of years) it is wise to have projects that prevent you from getting cabin fever. And that means, like stocking up the pantry, laying in a few rudimentry hardware store items like new paint brushes and paint tray liners, and craftroom essentials like thread and buttons. And it requires re-organizing of essentials to where they are handy to get to - not in the near storage shed that got blocked by snow drifts two years ago. And locating the snowshoes in the entry hall so they can be accessed to get to the far storage shed.

So on this first day of autumn I will be on outside tasks after the sun melts the snow that fell last night, and inside tasks once the clouds move in this afternoon, and sitting in my warm studio working on my various lists with a warm cup of tea when my energy wanes.

How goes your fall and winter planning?


  1. Enjoy the autumn and approaching winter, Jacqui. Here in the southern hemisphere it's exactly the opposite of course and we are in the midst of spring with a predicted very hot summer approaching. At least we have had a few rains (nothing like what is needed to break the drought, but it's good to see the water falling from the sky...)
    In Melbourne we don't get snow (have to drive about 150 km to get to see some), with very mild winters, so I can only imagine what it must be like to get snowed in. As you are wisely doing, a good preparation for the event is mandatory.
    Happy Autumn!

  2. If I got snowed in I would get stuck into my Japanese homework. But as I live in melbourne like Nicholas this is not going to happen. Perhaps I could blame my ineptitude in Japanese on the weather?

  3. Best laid plans and all of that,however when the money flow freezes it is not at all surprising how little planning can be done. Time to get creative...resourceful and all of that good stuff. Your plan sounds amazing and doable. I especially like keeping the snowshoes in plain sight. Cheers.


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