Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Turning Point

A year ago this summer when the contractor from hell showed he was not going to go away I fell back on old beliefs and created a voodoo doll of him. Every time I would get another missive from his lawyer I would stick in another pin. And finally I took him out of my studio which was the source of our dispute and nailed him literally to an old railroad tie which was once the corner post to the old fence on my property.

I told him (through the doll) I would release him from his bondage when he released me. And all winter he suffered through the snows quietly. Spring I heard from his lawyer again and the voodoo doll got more nails. This summer I heard he was ill. But not so ill it seems that he was willing to drop the law suit. He and his lawyer are going ahead with their suit to foreclose on my house for the disputed debt (a fraction of what my house and property are worth but far more than I feel justified in paying him or can afford).

My attention in this last week has been drawn again and again to the doll on the post. It was in intrusion just as whom it represented was. And yesterday I clearly decided I wanted it/him gone. Out of my life. Off my property figuratively or literally. Gone.

So I cleared out my fire pit. Threw in paper and wood. Scraps of lumber from the construction project. Laid the doll upon it and soaked it all with lamp oil. I gathered up folded origami flowers done on a summer solstice and other paper charms, and dried flower blossoms for a new beginning. And then I lit the pyre. At one time there was a dark smoke that rose as if evil was leaving. I sprinkled the dried flowers upon the flame and the smell became sweet.

I tended the fire till there was but ash left. This morning I will gather the ash and take it to the dumpster.

Away. I want it all away from here. I want him and his law suit forever out of my life.

Note: Voodoo dolls and charms are now being used by mental health professionals to help their clients feel less powerless and take charge of their lives. I wonder if they see just the symbolism or appreciate the true magic involved.


  1. WOW! You burnt him/it up! Dire actions require drastic methods of prevention; hope this is indeed the end of this frivolous lawsuit once and for all.

  2. I am very glad you took this course of action and that now 'he' is off your property.

    Getting rid of him now augers well for getting his law suit out of your life - trust me.


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