Thursday, September 2, 2010


Herb/flower bed edging
Yes, I know it is fall. And yes I am gardening. The last two springs in a row have been non starters. In April 2009 I got the H1N1 virus and could not lift a finger till late May. So I just scattered some seeds in my two 4 x 4 raised beds where I grow veggies.

Raised bed cleaned, soil enhanced and covered for winter
This May I was in Moab for two weeks and then my brother-in-law died suddenly. I essentially lost May to any constructive activity with gardening. When I got out of the fog of vacation and grief I had summer fairs to prepare for and once again just scattered a few seeds in my raised beds. Bad things happen when you neglect soil and weeds for two seasons.

So when an on line friend blogged that she as doing some fall gardening it seemed like an ideal solution to my problems. The one trouble with fall gardening is finding everything you need like edging materials and bags of compost and gardening soil so I began scouring the local garden supplies. And found some treasures like 40% off on plants and even some free ones like 6-packs of pansies. Those I plan to put in a container garden I am bringing inside to winter.

Pond end of Herb/flower bed
I scored another Nearly Wild rose to go into the garden and a columbine and two Iceland poppies and an oriental poppy. As parts of the bed are scoured of weeds and the soil is enhanced with compost and new garden soil the new additions are being added. I now have the bed half way edged. It will be 60 feet of edging when done. It is not an easy process.

Aspen grove and new addition
One of the bargains I got was a Canadian Red Choke Cherry. It will be planted in my small aspen grove after it adjusts to the location. At the other end is a red twig dogwood so it will be a color balance. I still haven't a clue what I am doing with my grove. I contemplate removing the grass. Putting down landscape cloth and pine bark chips. But one bed at a time.

Today is more edging of the herb/flower garden and transplanting the columbine out of my other raised bed to it. Then I can do the same with the second raised bed that I have done with the other. Meanwhile I have to take no time out of my schedule for exercise.


  1. Just wonderful! I love it all. What a great job you're doing. I know the body aches you're feeling, but also the sense of satisfaction -- no to mention anticipation for spring. But first, winter.

  2. Made more progress today but body aches making an appearance. Got the second raised bed cleaned, soil augmented and covered with plastic.

    Got another 10 feet of edging done. Would have gotten further but I emptied the pond and removed, cleaned and reset it more level. I think the bed keeps getting bigger as I opt for a more natural turn to the edging.

    Oh, and I got the Canadian Red Choke cherry planted. And still more to do as you are aware. It seems never to be done.


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