Monday, September 20, 2010

That Was the Week That Was Two or TWTWT

Sister and dogs on Sand Stone Bluffs
With the tooth ache that rose to a high pain level last week I thought I would not be able to go to my sister's in San Fidel as planned. But I got in to see the dentist on Thursday after getting my van back on Wednesday from its last scheduled repair. Turns out it was just (like the way I say just?) a bad gum infection around the root of the back bottom molar. A couple hundred dollars of antibiotic later and I was able to roll on Friday morning. Only one day late.

Ventana Arch
I was going down to install dog door and fence to make my sister's life with her two fur kids just a bit easier. But on Friday afternoon we went exploring in the Rubicon and I was shown some things like the above arch I had not seen before in New Mexico where I grew up.

Shadows of trees on Sand Stone Bluffs
We were trying to capture the setting sun on the cliffs but got the shadows of the tall pines in the bargain. And the sunset.
And the next day being Saturday it was of course necessary to go back out off-roading with the fur kids. And while seeking a stop for them to stretch their legs we found a hidden oasis.

Hidden pool in rocks
And exploring just a bit more found it opened into a whole series of pools some big enough to swim in. It was cold but the dogs swam. And we discovered a hidden waterfall at the cliff base.

Cascade to hidden pool
Crystal and feather offering to missing friends
Yesterday was feast day at Laguna Pueblo and so today we are finally getting started on that fence with a buying trip for supplies. Oh, it is a new week? Best laid plans and all.

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  1. This scenery is spectacular. There just aren't any words to describe how I feel when looking at these photos. What a wonderful place to be.


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