Monday, September 27, 2010

That was the week that was three

Debbie and Crystal Fenced In
 Most of the past week was spent in San Fidel. And much of it was sadly without visual commentary as my sister and I were doing things like the Feast Days at Laguna Pueblo where cameras were inappropriate. As the mission church there is quite stark and beautiful I am including a Google Images picture of it. Yes, it will be the subject of a painting.

Laguna Pueblo Mission
I do like the sky in this picture but on the day Debbie and I and her friends were there it was a clear blue day and hot. Over 400 vendors to shop and an invitation to one of the homes to eat. We had a grand time but were exhausted when we got home to the little house on the mesa.

The following Monday was a shopping day in Albuquerque so we could get supplies for the fence and other projects we had planned during my visit. We met our friend Dianna in town and proceeded to see just how much stuff could be loaded into a Jeep Rubicon. We might hold the world record. Any challengers?
Debbie and Dianna with gates and fans, etc
Driving home in the evening after a tiring day of Shop-till-you-drop we encountered a huge storm moving in.

Cloud burst on the west mesa
Having grown up mostly in Albuquerque I always think of this sort of hit and miss thunderstorm as what is meant by the term cloud burst. It really does seem to me the clouds have burst open in a couple spots and just dumped.

Tuesday we got the fence installed as per the top photo and three ceiling fans put up in the house with light kits It was a definite improvement. And there was the doggie door to allow Debbie's two dogs and my two visiting fur kids access at will to the new fenced yard. Thus we ended their unsupervised walk-abouts. No worries they still get more walk-abouts than the average pooches.

 Wednesday was rain. A tropical storm up from Baja made for overcast skies and bouts of rain. Debbie and I spent some welcome downtime and also did the laundry, looked over our new treasures from the shopping trip, taught the dogs to use the doggie door, and watched some telly.

Dawn in San Fidel
Thursday brought the above dawn and packing to come home. I arrived here to two cords of wood that needed to be stacked in the woodshed which I did on Friday. The weekend was to be about catching up until Jessica called on Sunday morning and enticed me to the raspberry picking adventure. More about that in a separate blog. I probably have bored you enough with my week.

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