Monday, September 13, 2010

That Was the Week That Was

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TW3, That Was The Week That Was, was really popular in my college dorm. No other program prompted us as much to abandon bridge games, studies, and dishing the dirt quite like it or Startrek. And no this blog isn't about it. It is about the week that was. My week. But it seemed like a really good name.

My week was not earth shaking. I survived the paranormal convention held at the resort basically by staying away from town. But I am happy to report that for the second year in a row no landing of alien spaceships in Black Lake for attendees from other worlds.

I did pick up a Western Giant Puff Ball mushroom, which in my opinion look rather alien, and place it on my property. They grow in fairy rings in high meadows and I rescued this one just a 1/2 mile from my house. My back meadow seems perfect for it. BTW mushrooms are the blooms of a subterranean fungi. My theory is when this one goes to seed (spores) it will establish the fungi in my yard. Progress reports in the fall of next year.

I began my separation diet last week. See the blog below this one for more information on it. I have dropped two pounds which isn't as significant as other markers. I have more energy ergo I have been exercising more and crashing on the easy chair less. And a couple pair of jeans that were to tight for comfort (to be honest wouldn't zip) are now fitting. Which gets us to the major plus of this diet to date: I am just less bloated. Bottom line is I am going to continue with this one.

I have gotten to the place of being able to chuckle when memories of Marc spring to mind. I made it through 9/11 without a reactivation of PTSD by ignoring it (my apologies to all that still want to blog about it). Instead I walked in the sunshine with my camera and immersed myself in the wonderful scents and sights of fall. I am reminded again that life should be about living and not about dying. We are here but briefly so make the most of it.

I got back into the studio to paint but on a rather low key level. There will be plenty of time to paint when the weather turns foul. I keep getting drawn into the yard and the hills beyond and late next week will go to my sister's to off road the Zuni's!


  1. Glad to hear all is going well! I can appreciate the beneficial effects of a healthy diet and more exercise as I have been the same.
    Are the fungi you mention edible? I love collecting wild mushrooms as they taste so much better than the bought ones - one has to be careful of the poisonous ones though...

  2. TW3 started in the UK with David Frost 1962/63 and was written by the wonderful wit, Ned Sherrin. It was the best satirical programme ever. I was still at boarding school but we were allowed to watch as we were in the VIth form!

    The American version, also with the very young frost aired on NBC in 1964.

    It didn't run again in the UK after '63 as '64 was an election year and the BBC felt it couldn't run it again because the show's political material could compromise the channel's impartiality.


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