Monday, January 24, 2011

Lost Week??? Or just needed down time?

This is the blog where I usually recap the week that has just passed. And usually I can come up with some clever little title that sums it all up. But this has been a rather odd week which eludes a handle. There has been the problem of the downstairs loo, and the snippy people on the social networks, and of course the continuing involvement in the new desktop computer (does take a while to get them like you want), and another week of no significant snow.

January is typically that time for artists when we do a lot of looking ahead to shows and exhibits, and I have four paintings begun I was thinking of using as entry images but I cannot seem to finish them. Return of phantom sounds and smells, and wakening with a sense of impending doom has warned me I am overly stressed. I think that is all hang over from 2010 and its issues but this seemed like a good week to just not make myself do anything beyond the necessary.

I have been playing with my new Corel Paintshop Pro photo editing program as the opening picture indicates. And I am working on writing a short story I begun with a paragraph on Magpie Tales last week. And I have been getting serious about home exercise routine. But I have also wasted time just playing Bejeweled Twist, and watching streaming Netflix videos on my telly. I have eaten entirely too many chocolates and erred toward comfort foods too much. But I have decided to give myself permission to be in this mood for a bit longer.

I think I seriously need some downtime. Now if the universe will just cooperate and not break anything more. BTW while typing this Firefox decided to not respond. Been doing that rather a lot lately. Course I am sure it is the computer. I have to get over this fear of turning anything on.

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