Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time to Stop Spending!!!!

First let me say the above picture has no relationship to the subject of this blog. It is in my Blogspot image library for Sidetracked Charley. I was scrolling through looking for an apt image and it dawned on me that all those blog images stored nicely before lost on my doomed computer are probably stored for me on the net!

So is my poetry. I began the process of going back through poetic posts on Creative Journey today (through July 2010) and copying them to Wordperfect files. Yesterday I began downloading from my 2007 backup CD's other writing files. And I rebuilt my art vita and artist's statement from paper copies I found.

And what, pray tell, I can here my reader's ask, does this have to do with the title of this post? Okay, most of you do not use the phrase pray tell. Blame it on my classics education. But again I digress. I have this tendency to award myself for doing onerous tasks. I blame it on my father who took me to the toy store (or for an ice cream - another blog no doubt) when I had to go to the doctor. In my youth this turned to forms of medicating my discomfort. I don't abuse beverages any more - well, except for coffee - oh, and those 5 hour Energy drinks from time to time.

And I like to think I have over spending and over eating moderated - all things in moderation, including moderation. But spurred by the necessary expenditures (car repairs, computer replacement, baseboard heaters, chimney sweep, camera tripod, cloud backup, software that was Windows 7 friendly) I have branched into a few unnecessary ones - computer monitor, new swimsuit for the spa (old one was getting thread bare), books from Borders (I am boycotting the local library), etc. Okay, not excessive by any means but the way things are going I need to save some money for the necessities that seem to spring up. Frankly the computer monitor was in the with-a-new-computer-do-I-want-to-risk-the-old-monitor-failing category of necessity.

I still have $100 of bonus and gift card to spend at the art store. Well, I have most of that set aside for the drafting chair. And I have my stash for emergencies rebuilding slowly. Still there is not much more I really require right now and art fair entry fees loom ahead. Time to rein in the spending and build back my prudent reserve the new computer tapped into. So my plan is to do those dreaded tasks (rebuilding and restoring computer files, taxes, and fair applications) a bit at a time. And award myself with a piece of Dove Dark Chocolate! One only! Did I mention my tendency to overeat my problems?

BTW - reason for photograph of La Sal mountains in Moab. It makes me remember one of the very happy moments of 2010.

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