Monday, May 21, 2012

Blue Monday

Smoke from Arizona Fires

Last Monday, as my frequent readers know, it was on the eighth day or more of damp and sometimes rainy weather with heavy clouds. Here in the mountain southwest we all go a bit crazy if we don't see the sun every day. However, the rainy weather did a lot to give us a burst of green this week.

Spring greens

The air was so clear and so fresh it almost sparkled. And the Aspens did their best to add that wonderful spring green as they leafed out overnight it seemed.

Eclipse behind clouds

Clouds partly obscured the eclipse last night but the sky was so blue. Then this morning the air smelled like smoke. And what I thought might at first be fog did not clear when the sun came up.

Smokey Mountains

I have the New Mexico Wildfires site book marked on my browser so when the haze did not go away I looked at the fires currently burning in New Mexico. None were up wind from us. But the three in Arizona are. If you have been close to the front line of a fire like I was in Questa with the Hondo Fire even distant smoke can make you edgy.

Here we sit with the tourist season just around the corner. We need more moisture. Memorial Day up to 12,000 Harley Riders will be in the Enchanted Circle area. Lots will be camping. Chance of rain tomorrow but just wind today. It is probably what blew the smoke in. Hopefully it will blow some rain clouds in too.

And the smoke away.

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  1. Fabulous photos as always Jacqui. I'm still in awe of the amazing scenery.


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