Monday, May 7, 2012

Rainy Day Monday

Spring Rain by J. Binford-Bell
Raining.Not snowing. But a gentle rain that reminds me more of California in the winter than New Mexico in the spring, expect it comes and goes indicating some cloud movement over the mountain.

Thermal lift of the air up the sides of the slopes breaks up solid clouds and also takes the moisture streaming in from the south and builds thunderheads to entertain us. The weather station at the Albuquerque Airport used to keep track of the days the sun had shown. Definitely the vast majority of the 365. Even if that shaft of sunlight was fleeting and in the distance.

Light by J. Binford-Bell

Rain in the east is an entirely different animal. I got so depressed in Washington, DC one fall because the sun did not ever seem to break through. I even started putting hash marks on the bathroom mirror with an eyebrow pencil for each continual day of rain. I felt so much like a prisoner.

But rain in New Mexico is a rare thing and a fleeting thing so often we sit and just stare at it outside the window. Or like me today, take pictures of it. It is a beautiful thing. Makes me feel like dancing.

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  1. Your first pic takes the prize for me. Says it all. Inspired of you to take it.


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