Monday, May 28, 2012

Week in Review: Mora, Dawson, La Cuerva, Ocate

It has been an interesting week. My friend, Terry, has been visiting from Washington, DC. We have managed to carve out a couple days of photography while she has been here. The first day was to Cimarron, visiting mutual friends, Sherry and Steve, and then on to the Dawson Cemetery where I had never been.

Dawson Dead by J. Binford-Bell

There is no greater gift to a photographer (other than an unlimited gift certificate at B&H Photo) than another photographer to explore with. The average tourist or traveler or even those with smart phones does not understand those of us with DSLR's and a spiritual imperative to record what we see.

And it is really great if we can carry on conversations and tell inside jokes. My sister and I share that. And so do Terry and I. But only one or two other friends. So while not taking pictures we talked - windshield time as Jessica and I call it.

Patchwork in Ocate

Tony's of Ocate by J. Binford-Bell

One good exhibition seems to merit another so we took off to Ocate, location of my favorite real estate fix-it-uppers. Then on to La Cuerva. Both of us had been there before but there was so much more to explore. Like the backside that most people don't bother looking at.

Some reinforcement required by J. Binford-Bell

Reflections by J. Binford-Bell

Then on to Mora. What is it about photographers that love the ruins and wrecks. The cracks and what others would call trash? I had a mother-in-law that hated that I loved the falling down carriage house for a subject for paintings and photographs instead of the rest of the pristine and newly painted homestead.

Inside the old mill by J. Binford-Bell

Maybe it is a desire to show to others the beauty they often miss. Or that we want to record what may in the future not be there; replaced by a super box store with no charm and grace.

Mora by J. Binford-Bell

Or maybe it is simply that beauty is in the eye of the beholder of the DSLR if you just stop and take a moment to see it.

But the true beauty is in friendship and someone to travel with if just for a day or two. Take your gifts where you find them and be grateful.

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  1. Somehow I missed this posting - suspect it was while I was in the throes of recovering my hard drive. It was a wonderful trip, made even better by sharing time with a friend & having my own personal "tour" guide. We'll travel again together soon my friend!


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