Saturday, August 31, 2013

Got Sidetracked Last Week

Magique Pointing a Bird

Magique is not a pointer. She is supposedly a retriever mix - Standard Poodle and Labrador. But like her owner sometimes she just gets a wild hair. A couple weeks ago I decided to go back to freelance writing. I used to do a lot of it before the infamous head injury. It was a good way to make money from home. Well, mostly from home because generally at some point you have to go out and do some footwork.

The local newspaper wanted a freelance writer and it seemed an easy and painless way to find out if I could still do it. I do, after all, keep a couple blogs going. But it is a bit like sourdough bread. The first batch is a bit difficult because you have to get the mother started. And then reacquire your skills in kneading, etc. And before I just did the articles or the photographs. Very seldom both. not easy to handle a camera and a pen and notebook and remember what it was you were going to ask the person standing before you.

And with a local newspaper there is some local knowledge required. Yes, I am local but I do spend a lot of time in my ivory tower, er studio. To try to shorten an already long story I didn't do this blog last Monday because I was trying to turn out three articles for the local paper on deadline. And as I am typing this I keep looking over at the notes I completed this morning on two of the three articles I have to do by noon this Monday.

I think I am good. Better this week than last. I have learned some things and relearned others. I have discovered the camera is a great way to take notes. And social media is a great way data check. Most people have business cards because their email address is to long. If I put cards in order in my pocket helps keep the story on track especially if I make a quick note on back of each. I need a business card for writing and photography, and I think I need a short and easy to spell out email address just for reporting.

All which brings me back around to my art business which seems to be picking up. I really need to print new cards for it. I think I am getting rid of my website for my art. My blog Creative Journey in conjunction with my fan page gets better traffic and action. So should I start a freelance writing blog? To make money at this I have to do it for more than just the local rag. And I keep finding myself stumbling on to larger issues while covering the local art fair. So what does one do with all those side notes to self labeled for future development?

Maybe that is something I will find out next week.


  1. Oh very well done? How is it going? This is just what I need too.!!

    1. Got my photos and research done for my next three articles due this Monday at noon. Today I will get to the writing part. Been mentally crunching on my three stories.

      I am definitely enjoying the process. And it changes the scenery of my days.

  2. Well done is right indeed. I am so proud of you Babe. it is always good to earn some extra cash, it brings a sense of security. The best part though is you enjoy what you are doing and am really good at it. Way to go GF.


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