Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Social Networking and Angst

It has been a dozen years since I began my first online journal on the now extinct Y!360. It was more than a blog and less than a chat room. And in spite of my proclamations to the contrary more than a social network. I made some long and fast friends and some not so fast as it were. And as Yahoo brought it to a close we followed each other to various other social platforms to stay connected.

I came here because of its blog capacity and not its social networking. It took me a while to miss my ethernet friends that migrated to Multiply and then to Facebook grumbling all the way. I miss Y!360 still. It was a unique experiment and not everyone's cup of tea. But those of us that loved it have not been quite happy with anything else we find. And too many have learned to grumble all too well.

When the dictators come out and think they can reshape the social platform and those on it I escape to the quiet of my forest - my blog - where I can do what it was I first sought the blogosphere for  - on line journalling. There seems to be a trend on Facebook, my social network part of this connected experiment, to dictate what friends post. Or at least attempt to. There was a war about posting what you cooked for dinner. And then the war about doing status messages about the weather or the chores you did for the day. Now it is posting too many pictures. Or sharing too many photos of Johnny C. Depp.

I use Facebook in combination with my blogs on Creative Journey as promotion of my small art business. Networking. Facebook has fan pages for me and my artistic friends to do this. We also use the Group function to hold "meetings" on line. Binford-Bell Studio on Facebook as a business but has evolved also into a social network location for my friends from my primary page to talk art and photography. And I have fans on that page that are not friends on my primary page in Facebook.

That led me to thinking this morning when I was so upset at the dictators telling me what to post that my Timeline on Facebook is not about them. It is about ME. I have even made it accessible by in large to friends and friends of friends only. It is my on line diary. I record what my day has been about for me and if some of my friends care, and comments would show they do, then that is fine. Those friends usually have their settings to see my postings in their news feed. As I have friend by friend set my options to see what they post.

What I post on my Timeline (on line diary) includes especially good recipes and meals, my newest exercise program, great times with friends in the earthly world, links to things that really interest me and I want to do further research on and, Yes, pictures of Johnny Depp.

I post my angst and elation on blogs here in blogspot. I link those blogs to my Timeline for those friends that care. Please ignore if you do not. I ignore your negative comments be they here or there or Google+. And if they are rude I delete them or do not publish.

Bottom line: This is all about me.

Oh, and some keeping up with those dear friends from Y!360 I wish to keep up with

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  1. I *so* agree! It's always nice to see you "put into words", what I feel. (smile)

    Yes, blogging is supposed to be about the Blogger... lol...

    Too many folks just aren't aware of Internet Etiquette. Or that there actually is such a thing.



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