Monday, August 12, 2013

That Was The Week That Was - Week 32

I know it was week 32 because I do that 365 Day Photography challenge weekly blog on Creative Journey. Though I must confess I recently double checked that because I was pulling photos out of a folder marked week 33. That all probably comes under the category of TMI - Too Much Information - for those out of the texting loop.

It was a week about completion and rain and flowers. It was about rediscovering my garden. Seems to have gotten along without me quite well. Hail storms had necessitated the replacement of the plastic cover. While at that task I opted to put a double fold of the old plastic just across the top to help cushion the other plastic and add more protection from hail. The squash plants have developed a powdery mold which I am told will respond to aspirin dissolved in a misting bottle and sprayed on the leaves.

I harvested Swiss Chard, Collard Greens and Kale which I chopped and blanched and then frozen in an ice cube tray. These cubes are to be used this winter to make Mean Green Smoothies. Need to harvest more Swiss Chard to freeze up in measurements for quiche this winter. Love Swiss Chard and thin sliced ham with green chili quiches.

Another boon of the gardening this week was the harvesting and dehydrating of herbs. I love curly parsley and spicy oregano. Both are hard to get unless you grow them. And I harvested my garlic this week. The tomatoes are huge and it is going to be a race between ripening and freezing.

I think I have once again over planted. Next year I am going to go for the minimalist look. Need to make a note of that in my gardening journal which has also been abandoned this last month.

Polytunnel with new under-cap

It has rained lots this last week. And with the rain we had before it has turned the valley green, while providing great opportunities for us photographers in love with clouds.

All of which has brought us flowers. And that feeling of impending fall just around the corner. I read somewhere that Summer Solstice is not the first day of summer but the middle. Rather makes sense when you get up and feel that nip in the air.

With the added moisture all the flowers are taking advantage. All the wildflowers have bloomed at once. And the domestic ones in gardens seem to be celebrating the wet.

The last month has put me in mind of my first fall in Washington, DC. From the first moment I moved there I was anticipating seeing the eastern fall colors. But I got involved in a political campaign for the senator I worked for. He lost and I missed all the colors. I remember walking home from the SOB - Senate Office Building on the Wednesday following election day and trampling on wet and soggy fallen leaves drained of all their precious life and color.

Reminder to self: Never get so busy you miss life again.


  1. That last thought completes a fantastically interesting post.

    1. Thank you, Barbara. It was a stream of conciousness blog.


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