Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Time in a Bottle

One thing good about the last one or two months is I found that the excuse I do not have the time is just that - an excuse. I am amazed myself with just how much I have accomplished over and above my normal tasks and chores and agenda. No, not everything on the todo list is done but like I discovered in college, the smaller the window of time open the more I got done. The biggest time waster is a whole day off.

And listening to other people explain in detail why they do not have the time to meet you for lunch or drop off the check or pick up a bag of sugar for you when they're in the store. This week I probably bordered on rude to long winded explanations about lack of time. "Do not let me keep you. Bye," and hanging up works wonders. Course I may never hear from these people again but they already explained they do not have time so no loss.

I am more than willing to "waste" time on friends as long as it is not on listening to why they have no time for me. My fur kids always have time for me. And so do the pets I sit for other people. There is never enough time for sunsets or hummingbirds or watching the rain streak down the studio windows or coffee with a friend I have not seen lately. You never know if that will be the last opportunity for any of those.

So I am writing this blog when I should be wrapping the dried floral arrangements for my friend's memorial service tomorrow. But I know for a fact I will get that done even if I sit on the stoop for 30 minutes and watch the hummingbirds fly. I will do what needs to be done regardless of how much idle pleasure and chitchat I sneak in when I should be doing this or that.

You cannot save time in a bottle but you can make time for others and stretch time for yourself. Be honest and admit you just do not want to or they are not important enough. At least take the time to be honest. Yes, we all have times when we are up against the wall but think how much time it would save to just say that, "Cannot talk now. Let me call you back." Nineteen minutes and 30 seconds saved for you and your friend who doesn't have to listen to the explanation de Jour and can watch humming birds or blog instead.

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  1. Hit the nail on the head! Many, many years ago a friend said to me, "ask a busy person to do something for you and you know it will be done". I have used that example ever since.

    Time spent being with, or doing good deeds either for friends or strangers when they need you, is never wasted time.

    Procrastination can be our worst enemy. I can procrastinate terribly when I'm ready and afterwards when the task is done, wonder why I went that route when at the end of the day it was simple. Maybe it's to do with self discipline?


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