Monday, September 9, 2013

Change Up

Historically for me I have done a weekly blog here generally on Sunday. Purpose was for me to record the week I had just passed through. I will not guess the purpose for my readers. Maybe just to catch up. It has be a small but elite group. Certainly does not have the following of Creative Journey, but it is more in the spirit of a weekly online journal which is where I began on the internet so many years ago.

No I am not going to end the blog. But Sunday is definitely not working out as I am busy throwing together my freelance articles. Boy, that makes it sound casual. Certainly has not gotten to that yet. But the purpose of blogging on line was initially to not lose my ability to write. I had begun to do this as an exercise to practice what it was I did not want to lose. I started it not long after my head injury December 24th, 2001.

We were all stunned by 9/11 and I had decided life was entirely too short and quit my job as a municipal court clerk to go back to teaching skiing. I believe I had only taught for about nine days when clipped by a young skier from Oklahoma. I do not remember the accident of three and a half hours around the accident. In fact, when I gave my report to my superiors and the EMT's I had all the facts wrong but they treated and streeted me anyway.

Twelve years is a long time before getting back to something I had loved to do. Freelance writing appeals to me because of the research and the immediacy of it. But while I was handling blogs pretty well I figured I could not deal with deadlines. Week three and thus far I have. And even with all the stuff going on in my life just now. You really cannot write in and say, "Sorry but my cat died."

But this weekend I had a really big event and of course worried about everything that can go wrong especially in the technical side of taking pictures. Bikes! I have never taken pictures of bikes! Probably submitted entirely too many but choices are good, right? Because I could not get back with an authority on a fact check I had to ask for a bit of an extension. And got it. And then got the facts before the extension was up. Small victories.

The hardest part? I saved that for this week. Going back to Red River where I have lots of old friends and not being the electrician who worked with Marc, now deceased, but a writer for the paper. Not the small local paper I did columns for but the other paper. Ice broken. Let's roll.

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  1. Now I finally know how you got injured..
    Glad to hear you will continue to blog.


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