Sunday, September 29, 2013

Where, oh, where does time go?

Talk these days at the store or coffee house is about fall colors and snow. Tourism in the area depends on both. Hard to say about the snow because we are not out of the drought yet. Better but not gone by a long shot. And that has also effected the colors. One always hopes we got enough rain at the right time. And that could be true in some locations.

But I drove through Taos Canyon yesterday and the leaves are already falling off after never having gotten to a glorious gold and orange. Several days of hard freeze browned out the red of the Virginia Creeper vines. And the freezes also put toast to my tomato vines even under two layers of plastic and with drop lights. Even some of the tomatoes froze. Need to pick those that didn't off the vines for fried green tomatoes or as experiments in ripening after picking.

Gardening was not a great success this year. Very late spring frosts and then very early sequence of hard fall frosts. It really is an experiment at this altitude and it requires a lot of attention. Attention which was diverted by random events through the summer and into fall. Busy four months. And so much remains to be done. And yet it already seems like there is not enough time to do it.

So in the midst of all the too much to do I got involved with freelance writing, doing odd jobs for others and now adopting a new fur kid to fill the void The Darkness left. It takes time to integrate a new pet. This will work out but I find myself wondering what it is I was thinking?

Meet Scrappy who I keep calling Chester
But I think it will all work out in the end. Just need to keep telling myself that.

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