Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmases Past

Christmas Morning Elk 2011

When my sister lived in New Mexico she would come up to my house for the holidays and we would almost always have several photo exhibitions. The Christmas Day photography trip was a tradition.

Snowshoeing Christmas Day 2012

Last year we had snow but we have had some warm Christmases in the past few years which allowed for more playing around. In 2010 we even had a picnic on Christmas Day. 

Crystal and Debbie Looking for Picnic spot 2010

Ponil Creek 2011
2011 was a bit chillier but in the sun it was definitely warmer than expected. We took tons of photos and had great laughs. But 2010 was exceptionally warm as the picture below indicates.

Off road in Ocate 2010
There was always animals and great photos to be had and memories to be made. Everyone else was at home in front of the television and we were able to have the wilderness and off roads to ourselves. Nobody to spook the buffalo which were sunning themselves. It was bitterly cold that day in 2012 unless you were in the sun.

Buffalo on the Vermejo Park Ranch 2012

Debbie bundled up against the cold 2012

Debbie hamming it up at Val Vidal 2012
I miss my sister and the wonderful off roading adventures we used to take in her jeep. I especially miss my sister on Christmas Day.  She returned to Texas. And she took the jeep!!!

Christmas 2012 Val Vidal


  1. And here I had been thinking of you with some envy, picturing you on another sisterly safari. Sorry to hear that nice chapter of your sister close by ended. The pictures are beautiful and so full of life.

  2. I also have become accustomed to your holiday tradition of time with your sister. I hope this tradition can be resumed in the future for you both….life is way too short not make time together with loved ones a priority.

    1. Doubt that will happen. Her children and grand children are first forever.


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