Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Open Mouth and Insert Foot

There is this debate on this other blog I post to sometimes weekly. The Mag is a weekly post by Tess Kincaid in which she challenges us to write a poem or vignette in response to a visual prompt. I like the group of people and their poems. I like the challenge of having to come up with the right words in a set time frame. I like thinking out of my comfortable box.

Even when I do not post a poem I will read the poems of others linked to The Mag. I do not always comment. How many times can you say "nice imagery" and sound authentic. I do comment, however, when a particular offering really hits a nerve or it is a friend of mine or someone who has just posted a particularly nice comment on my offering. Hey, they are not always gems.

The debate this morning on The Mag was down in comments and about the difficulty of posting comments. Not there but on the blogs of some contributing poets. It is those damnable "prove you are not a robot" puzzles you have to get through to prove you are real. And they do not stop everyone - like real people with vile language.

I deleted those little hoops to jump through from my blogs but I still go for comment moderation. Because of those real people with vile language. I use my Creative Journey blog as a website and I do not want potential customers of my business to be slammed up against a wall by a comment I have not yet seen. Moderation prevents that because I have to see and read it to post it. Yes, comments can be deleted even if automatically posted but I would just as soon not allow a chance for the vile comments to be seen.

I say debate. But it is not a debate. It is a witch hunt. The declarers of opinions less than poetic want the owner of this delightful weekly opportunity to delete all from the link up who require the word puzzle or moderation.

Oh, I could easily open another blog on the same platform that is just for poems and not moderate comments. But I am feeling shunned and forced and blackmailed. My first response is to post a poem never again. Or to just flip the bird and say, "who needs you to comment?" I know like me not everyone does comment. And as I link my blogs to Facebook some of my readers comment there where I have already deleted all the posters of vile comments from my friends' list.

Do not feel you have to comment on this blog, but know if you do I will moderate your comment before allowing it to be posted. BTW there is this Nigeria fellow that is always posting a comment asking me to buy his country.

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  1. What did I mis There is a discussion taking place somewhere? My blog is open to all who have a Blogger account and I am fortunate thst I have never had any hateful comments.

    I read Mags sometimes without commenting. Sometimes I don't understand them. I too have favourites who when I am around make sure I read. I had better try to make the rounds this morning.

    Everyone has to do what works for them.


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