Monday, December 23, 2013

Really? Tomorrow?

Ornaments on the tree

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve? Really? Already? Physically I am ready. The tree is up and decorated. I have had my studio open for those looking for (and finding last minute gifts), and I know with whom I am spending tomorrow even with my sister having moved back to Texas.

But 2013 from July until now has moved at such a pace I am exhausted. I feel as if I have run the entire time. And yet my body does not look that slim and trim. My 365 day photography challenge appearing on my other blog certainly has told me daily how soon 2013 is destined to end but denial is a God given survival skill.

I have not even reviewed my wish list for 2013 let alone made out one for 2014. Did one of those silly games on Facebook where you post in comments the first word you see on a box of jumbled letters. It was wealth. I will go with that. I usually put that one down and hope for peace or love or some such. But I am going to stick with wealth for 2013. Wealth and fame.

Some decades ago in one of those philosophical discussions about futures I told my assembled drunken friends who all wanted money that I would take fame instead. I am now willing to change my mind. I want wealth. Wealth AND Fame. Never fear, I am willing to share. Wealth. hard to share fame.

In fact I think I want Wealth so I can share it.

I also want two cats that totally get along. And two totally healthy dogs. And snow tires which I think I will not be able to get until next winter because all the people with sedans in warm states bought them up this year when the forecast said freezing rain. But I want the snow tires on a four wheel drive pickup. Not new. Willing to accept old. I do not want to waste my wealth on one of those tricked out ponies the auto companies are rolling out these days.

Hell, I am self-sufficient. Just give me the wealth and I will handle the rest. And fame. Do not forget the fame.

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