Saturday, July 5, 2014

Early Morning Walk About

2nd Street

I seldom, if ever, go anywhere without my camera. You just never know when you will have the opportunity of a great picture of need something to occupy your time. Yes, there is Angry Birds on tablets but they seldom bring me the peace of a walk about on empty streets in the early morning light.

On this particular morning in Trinidad, Colorado, a resident apologized for the cloudy skies. I replied that I much preferred them. Something I learned in Photography 101 at UNM. It takes the harsh shadows out of the equation.

Balustrade of Light

Defused light defines and gives depth. It allows a focus on form. Strong shadows flatten.

Court House
Early morning with a cloudy sky also makes for great reflections in glass. And no glare to have to consider. Or over exposed areas during post processing. 

Second Story


Ad Space

I love the details in photographs I take on a cloudy day. And I love the peace of walking about with nobody else much on the streets.

Me and my camera

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