Thursday, July 3, 2014

Revealed Truth on the Road to Raton #??

Dawn July 2, 2014

I rolled out of my driveway in the predawn hours of Wednesday pulling a Uhaul trailer with 50 of my best pieces of art. It was the first time I had driven at night in over six months. Now was the test as to whether the cataract surgery had truly worked miracles. And it had. I was in awe of the night. And the dawn.

And the only thing I had to do for three hours was drive a route I had taken often. After a very, very busy four months it was wonderful. Much of the trip it was even too dark to look for photo opportunities. I could think.

This is not my first revealed  truth article. There is something about the vast open spaces of the plains between Cimarron and Raton that invites introspection and epiphany. Do people with their smart phones and all the apps on board ever think? With Siri and email by voice and cell phone towers everywhere and hands free cell phones does the vast majority of this technically advanced society ever stop and hear themselves think.

Or listen to the sounds of dawn.

Not easy to find a space ample to pull over a 19 foot 4x4 pickup with ten feet of trailer behind it but the road to Raton is gifted with wide shoulders. The reason I stopped was to take the picture of dawn in the clouds. But I stood there and listened to the silence for rather a long time. Not exactly silence because birds were awakening and the cooling of the engine was making those ticking sounds.

I have been so busy of late I had not stopped and regarded the dawn. Even when there was nothing to do I had fretted over what I might be forgetting to do. And now at that moment in time it was too late to do anything more for the gallery show I would be hanging in Trinidad. There either was too many paintings or not enough. It would be good enough or not.

So I just stood and listened to the dawn.

Want to drive someone crazy? Make them sit down and watch an ice cube melt. No cell phone, no music, no television. Just the ice cube.

The enlightened soul will have an epiphany. It is these moments with only the natural beauty around me for company that refuels my soul. It is the basis of my creativity, the home of my muse, my well of replenishment.

Turn off the noise and tune in to your spirit.

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  1. I could hear the siren call of the plains in your writing - and having driven that road my spirit flew with you. Wonderfully evocative.


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