Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Day to Whine - Make it March

I could blame this on Mercury in retrograde or old age or a shift in the universe that I find just a big irritating. All little things really but put all together it has pushed me to a point I really would rather not deal with anything. I am writing this blog to vent and hopefully get it off my chest. I have tried to explain it to people and they do not get it. So hopefully I do better here.

First was Eye Associates of New Mexico. At the conclusion of your appointment they hand you a sheet you take to the woman at the front desk to schedule your next appointment. Her first sentence is, "I see you have an outstanding balance." I do not see where that is the business of everyone at the desk and in the lobby. But the real obnoxious part of this is that I have not been notified before that moment of a bill due? The have not posted to my "patient portal" or mailed me a bill. And I mentioned this last time. "Do you want to pay it now?" she asked. "No, I want to see the bill first."

When I got home I immediately went to the patient's portal and no bill. Two days later I was notified of a new bill in my account. Their bad but the office staff seems to want to make it my bad.

Lots of that going around. Neighbor calls this morning and goes into a lengthy explanation of why she cannot make our "date" for coffee tomorrow. Mind you I had been on another telephone call when she called and I am trying to get to the bottom line of this explanation (she had yet to mention coffee tomorrow being cancelled). I have the other person on hold. AND? I say to hurry things along. And then she starts apologizing for me being irritated with her. "Would I rather do coffee today?" she asks. "No," I say. And she goes back to the lengthy discussion as to why she cannot make tomorrow. Like I care. Her bad but she is making it my bad because I will not change plans at the drop of her hat.

Mercury in retrograde is suppose to adversely effect communications but it did not stop on July 2! It might have gotten worse. Or maybe it is just that I have been so very, very busy lately and resent having my time wasted with stupidity. Or maybe at my advancing age I am not rolling with the punches smoothly. Or that my month playing reclusive artist in my studio has made me not want to do anything else.

I know my faults. I am not patient, not very tolerant, suffer fools not gladly, but I do not know of a time when everyone seems so wanting to blame me for their lack of communication skills. I have tried the not talking approach. Cannot nod on the phone but a sprinkling of uh huh's here and there. Short sentences without you or I or we or they. But that is also not working well.

Person on hold this morning hung up. Person I was talking to apologized for me (note not TO me) and hung up. I got the paper bill from Eye Associates and so will go on line to schedule payment. Spending rest of day with plants or pets. They are so much easier to understand.

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